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Three Characteristics of Companies that are Data and Analytics Talent Magnets

Subscribe to Big Data & Analytics 9/13/2013 Joshua M. Clarke

During the past year, our team had the opportunity to meet and speak with hundreds of executives from different industries with varied areas of expertise in the “big data” space. These conversations have included data scientists, heads of analytics, consultants, engineers, sales and marketing executives as well as business leaders. Some of these executives have been engaged and entrenched in their current role and organizations, while others have been eager to find new opportunities.

Despite the different functions, tenures or career aspirations of these individuals, there were common traits in what they looked for in a company. I’d like to share the three characteristics of companies that make them Data and Analytics talent magnets.

  1. Data and Analytics are critical strategic differentiators.
    Can you articulate why data and analytics are critical to the success of your organization? Establish your company’s data and analytics mission statement. Beyond platitudes, what evidence can you point to? Companies that are truly data-driven will have more challenging and exciting projects that need to be addressed. Arm yourself with cogent and compelling examples of C-level and Board-level commitment and investments made.

  2. Appropriate investments in technology have been made.
    While cloud-based and open source technology have dramatically reduced the technology costs for many companies, there is still a cost involved in the design, development and deployment of technology resources to support big data and analytics capabilities. Companies that don’t anticipate the true cost to build and scale such capabilities often struggle with data and analytics talent retention. After you’ve defined the vision and strategy, ensure you have the technical resources to execute.

  3. Data and Analytics capabilities are centralized at the enterprise level.
    Nothing kills enthusiasm faster than a lack of clarity about “who owns what”. In fact, I’ve found that having an answer is just as important as the answer itself. While deployment can be driven through different functions, geographies, or businesses, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain the best data and analytics talent if there are competing capabilities and resources throughout the company.

Recognition as a Data and Analytics talent magnet is not enough to win in this hyper-competitive talent market. In my next blog post I’ll share four strategies that any company can leverage to more effectively acquire AND retain the best analytics talent possible.

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