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Sculpting Tomorrow's "Borderless" Leaders

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Europe’s 2014 Ryder Cup win was the latest in a dominant run that has seen the European team capture six of the past seven cups. What lessons might corporate leaders draw from a golf tournament (besides the importance of a good short game)?

One important lesson concerns diversity of experience: the US team had 12 players with similar backgrounds who played primarily in US tournaments. By contrast, their European counterparts were a true melting pot. Could this greater diversity of experience have made a difference?

We know it does in business: Indeed, in world that is more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) than ever before, companies that embrace a wider diversity of backgrounds, genders,  perspectives, and, above all, ways of thinking — not only in local markets but also in corporate headquarters — will have an advantage. This will be particularly true for companies seeking growth in emerging markets.

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