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The Transformation Mandate

Speed and stability: A winning dynamic for teams

Subscribe to The Transformation Mandate 1/18/2016 Steve Mullinjer, Colin Price, David G. Pumphrey, Sharon Toye and Carolyn Vavrek
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Organizations are built on teams, yet too few companies understand how teams operate. Our research into the dynamics and performance of more than 2,000 teams spotlights the practices that separate high-performing teams from the also-rans.

Topics explored in this collection:

Leading Transformation: Five Imperatives for CEOs
The transformative CEO in a hyperconnected world defends the core market and plays offense as a disruptor.

Accelerating Performance in Teams
High-achieving teams enjoy a significant boost in performance over underachieving teams. Here’s how they do it.

Can Your Leaders Deliver on Your Growth Strategy?
Seven management disciplines can help top teams (and companies) foster innovation, align culture with strategy, and improve performance.

These articles are drawn from The Transformation Mandate: Leadership imperatives for a hyperconnected world. Download the full report.


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