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UK Manufacturing Skills Talent and Leadership

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The manufacturing sector comprises a wide range of industries, techniques and activities. Alongside established industries such as automotive, aerospace, electronics, capital equipment, food, beverages and pharmaceuticals, new industries are beginning to develop based around emerging technologies. These include low carbon, nanotechnology and advanced materials such as composites.

Manufacturing is already a significant sector in the UK, accounting for approximately 10% of GDP. Growing it even further and returning the UK to the ranks of world manufacturing leaders will require the right combination of skills, talent and leadership.

From late 2013 to early 2014, Heidrick & Struggles interviewed a number of CEOs and other C-suite executives from large UK manufacturing companies to find out how they think the UK stands in a European and global context with regard to skills, talent and leadership. We wanted to understand what the senior executive requirements will be going forward and what should be done to increase the talent pool for the future.

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