Leadership Signature®

Senior business leaders who are building powerful teams know that leadership ‘style’ is important to unlocking the potential of their organization. Heidrick & Struggles has developed Leadership Signature®, a self-assessment tool that considers how leaders operate in today’s business environment of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity (the military acronym VUCA).

With a proprietary 36-item online questionnaire, it assesses against eight behavioral patterns that individuals draw on when in leadership positions. The assessment report is intuitive, highlights the candidate’s top two style profiles, and pinpoints the types of environments where the new leader will likely be more (or less) impactful.

For your top leadership roles, Leadership Signature® will help you thoughtfully consider the question, “How will this individual lead?”

Learn more about the leadership archetypes identified in our research underpinning Leadership Signature®
by reading our recent article in the Harvard Business Review.

Leadership Signature

News Release

Heidrick & Struggles launches Leadership Signature™ executive assessment tool.