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The Transformation Mandate

Shaping the agile organization

1/18/2016 Krishnan Rajagopalan
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Transformation mandate organization

Culture has become one of the most important words in C-suites and corporate boardrooms, yet when it comes to shaping an organization’s culture to achieve enduring advantage, many companies fall woefully short.

In this collection:

Leading Transformation: Five imperatives for CEOs
The transformative CEO in a hyperconnected world defends the core market and plays offense as a disruptor.

Leading Change: Five CEOs on the Power of Culture Transformation
Smart leaders shape their company’s culture — instead of allowing the culture to shape the company.

Winning the Race
The divergent experiences of two banks illustrate the importance of organizational agility and serve as cautionary reminder that, whatever the industry, pace decides the winners.

The Importance of a Growth Mind-Set in a Digital World
Companies that chase digital opportunities without first understanding whether their people have the requisite mind-sets to seize them will likely fail.


This article is drawn from The Transformation Mandate: Leadership imperatives for a hyperconnected world. Download the full report.

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