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The Transformation Mandate

The Transformation Mandate: Leadership imperatives for a hyperconnected world

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Organizations face unprecedented challenges at the dawn of an uncertain and hyperconnected era. To help leaders make sense of the new environment we offer The Transformation Mandate: Leadership imperatives for a hyperconnected world. This collection of leadership essays, interviews, and proprietary research is organized into three areas of focus for driving corporate performance.

New Transformational Leader

CEOs and other senior executives need to learn new skills — and in some cases, new mind-sets — to thrive as leaders in a hyperconnected world.

Speed and Stability: A Winning Dynamic for Teams

Learn the practices that separate high-performing from underachieving teams — and how to master them.

Shaping the Agile Organization

Combining purposeful leadership and broad engagement helps leaders shape their company’s culture — instead of allowing the culture to shape the company.

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