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What Are Your Employees Really Saying About You?

5/15/2015 Karen Fifer
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The combination of steady economic growth and low unemployment rates has created a tight market for talent across the Asia Pacific region. Indeed, our latest research finds that 30% of senior executives in the region are currently considering leaving their employers, and more than half of this group hope to leave within the next 18 months.

Companies can improve on these numbers by bolstering their reputations with employees and prospective employees (in other words, by improving their employer brands). Yet despite the fact that nearly all CEOs in our latest survey recognize the importance of a strong employer brand to corporate success, barely half say they have an employer branding strategy in place. This is a missed opportunity.

When CEOs focus concerted, cross-functional efforts on building strong employer brands, they not only make their organizations more attractive to talented employees but can improve the company’s bottom line as well.

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