Accelerating Performance

Competitive advantage is transitory. Business success will increasingly depend on companies’ ability to reduce time to value by building and changing momentum more quickly than competitors. This collection of articles, drawn from a multiyear research project, highlights ways that leaders can begin to transform their organizations, teams, and even themselves.

Accelerating Performance: How Organizations Can Mobilize, Execute, and Transform With Agility

By Heidrick & Struggles

A new book discusses how leaders succeed in today's unpredictable markets and shifting operating environments.

Accelerating Performance: In the media

By Heidrick & Struggles

These articles explore how organizations, teams, and individual leaders can accelerate performance.

Principles of Accelerating Performance

By Heidrick & Struggles

By analyzing the performance of elite global organizations, Heidrick & Struggles has identified 4 recipes for success and 39 distinct actions that can accelerate any company’s performance.

Accelerating performance (White Paper)

By Ruben Hillar

Disruption is here to stay, and many companies are failing to keep pace. A multiyear research effort highlights ways companies, teams, and leaders can mobilize, execute, and transform with agility.

Is your board a catalyst—or a constraint?

By Heidrick & Struggles

Don’t just ask whether an individual is qualified to be on a board but also whether the mix of people on the board is right for your company.

How exceptional boards accelerate the contributions of new directors

By John S. Wood

By forgoing leisurely onboarding and induction processes, boards can ensure directors get off to a fast start.

Accelerating Performance in Teams

By Heidrick & Struggles

High-achieving teams enjoy a significant boost in performance over under-achieving teams. Here’s how they do it.

A boardroom guide to accelerating time to value in M&A

By Heidrick & Struggles

Boards can secure valuable competitive advantage by addressing the factors that speed up, or delay, organizational performance at each stage of a merger or acquisition.

Winning the race

By Krishnan Rajagopalan

The divergent experiences of two banks illustrate the importance of organizational agility and serve as a cautionary reminder that, whatever the industry, pace decides the winners.

Accelerating performance through culture change: Lessons from the banking industry

By Paul Gibson

For many financial-services organizations, rebuilding trust with customers will require a focus on culture—not just compliance. Two forward-looking banks are leading the way.

CEOs Drive Toward Purpose Amid Massive Change

By Heidrick & Struggles

The concept of purpose took center stage at an event dedicated to improving corporate performance and held at the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 19.