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We deliver a premium service to our clients utilizing insights, data, and experience via the Infinity Framework assessment methodology. Our distinctive perspective delivers data-driven and insightful leadership assessments that enable better talent decisions to accelerate our clients’ performance.


Finding the right leader to accelerate your organization

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, organizations need to gain momentum and change quickly while embracing disruption. The single biggest driver of acceleration is leadership.

Top performing leaders are four times more productive than their peers. They are agile. They use a unifying purpose to engage their people more deeply. They are champions of speed to value.

To find the right leader for the right role, you need to assess these qualities.



A Powerful, Data-Driven Assessment Framework

Leveraging four decades of data and behavioral research, the Infinity Framework is a methodology that consistently and holistically measures a candidate’s true leadership promise.

By analyzing four distinct yet interrelated aspects, the Infinity Framework assesses pivotal experiences and leadership capabilities as well as culture impact and future potential. It streamlines the assessment process by creating a standardized approach that illuminates a more complete picture of each candidate. Highly visual, tailored reports that include each of the four aspects make evaluation and comparison easy.


The Driving Factors of Accelerating Leaders

Winning leaders possess four key drivers that allow them to outpace the competition: Mobilize, Execute, Transform and Agility (META). These leaders put customers first, strengthen their core, lead innovation and use a unifying purpose to engage their people. The Infinity Framework incorporates this unique perspective to gauge a candidate’s present and future potential.

With the right tools to analyze data and the ability to weigh the importance of each aspect against the demands of the organization, the framework provides meaningful insight into a candidate’s current and future potential.


A Focus on Creating a Thriving Culture

An organization’s culture plays a significant role in its ability to perform. How a leader might engage or shift a culture is an important consideration in selecting a leader for a role. Often it comes down to how well a leader’s style will mesh with an organization’s team and culture.

Finding a leader whose values align with your organization starts by creating cultural descriptors, drivers or values to assess. This criteria reflects the current culture as well as where it needs to shift to meet the future direction of the organization.


The Right Expertise to Find the Right Leader

The role of a leader is pivotal in driving transformation and setting the pace for an organization. Heidrick & Struggles has more than 60 years of experience working with clients to build strong leadership teams.

The Infinity Framework streamlines and standardizes the assessment process, adding further confidence as you select your next leader. With the power of a holistic, data-driven approach, we can bring a new level of precision to understanding a leader’s readiness for the future.

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