Accelerating Leaders

Getting your organization on track to outperform the rest

Acceleration of leaders drive organizational success

We all want efficient and effective leaders. Data shows that accelerating leaders are four times more effective in their roles than counterparts who are derailing. If you're going to achieve acceleration throughout the organization, your leaders must be on the right path to set the pace.

From changing consumer demands to pervasive social media to digital disruption, today's pace of change and innovation has no historical precedent. Future facing leaders will need to embrace uncertainty, seize opportunities, tackle challenges and find new competitive advantage to separate their organizations from the rest.

At Heidrick & Struggles, we know leaders. Our work with the world's premier organizations at the board and executive level provides a unique perspective into what skills leaders need today—and in the future. This enables us to design high impact learning and coaching experiences to accelerate leadership and organization performance—no matter what the winds of disruption may bring.

The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Accelerator Questionnaire (LAQ) will help you measure where your leaders stand relative to best-in-class performance. If you're concerned about succession planning because your company is growing or changing strategy, or you're shifting your organization's internal structure, this tool will help ensure that you have leadership in place that can mobilize, execute, and transform with agility.

We complement this tool with other assessment resources that together provide a well-rounded view of your leader. Together, these assessments can identify opportunities to employ individualized coaching—as well as both large-scale and targeted leadership development—to support your leaders' efforts to increase productivity, efficiency, and agility.


This brief interactive self-assessment provides a snapshot of your company's ability to accelerate the performance of your leaders—as well as your strategy, organization, and teams. Click here to begin your assessment.

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Leadership Accelerator Questionnaire

The Leadership Accelerator Questionnaire (LAQ) is a robust assessment tool available for the measurement of individual leaders in an organization. The tool is completed online in a matter of minutes by those closest to the leader. It identifies the leader's position relative to best practices, along a continuum from derailing to accelerating, based on what empirical research has shown to determine long-term performance. The LAQ can be used to:

Assess a leader and provide accurate--and actionable--input that can be used by board members and other colleagues to help develop the executive's ability to lead and get results

Understand how the profiles of leaders differ across a large organization and the actions required to help make every leader as good as your best leader

Engage leaders in a development journey that goes beyond themselves and looks at the performance and potential of their team and the larger organization

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