Accelerating Teams

Improving teams to enhance performance

Assessing and improving the health of teams

Teams are what drive an organization, and our research shows that accelerating teams deliver the best results. Heidrick & Struggles research found that accelerating teams delivers 22.8% greater economic impact than derailing teams.

A number of factors can prevent teams from delivering maximum value: inflexibility, unclear goals and accountability, and micromanagement are among the most damaging ones.

The Heidrick & Struggles Team Accelerator Questionnaire (TAQ) provides an understanding of where your teams stand and the areas needing improvement to accelerate performance. Armed with insights from the assessment tool and understanding of the drive factors associated with accelerating teams, you can ensure your teams are operating at peak performance.

This brief interactive self-assessment provides a snapshot of your company's ability to accelerate the performance of your teams—as well as your strategy, organization, and leaders. Click here to begin your assessment.

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Team Acceleration Questionnaire

The Team Acceleration Questionnaire (TAQ) is the most empirically robust assessment tool available for the measurement of team performance. The questionnaire can be completed online in less than 20 minutes by the members of, and critical players around the team. The TAQ can be used to:

Assess a team and provide accurate input to the team leader to help improve its performance

Understand how the profiles of teams may differ across large organizations and pinpoint the actions required to make all teams perform to their peak level

Engage team members in an acceleration journey that goes beyond the team leader to capture the energy an talents of a wider group of colleagues.

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