Leadership Assessment & Development

Unleash the Potential of Great Leaders to Outperform

Unleash the Potential of Great Leaders to Outperform

In a fast-paced, ever-evolving business landscape, having top talent isn’t enough: today’s leaders must be able to adapt to changing strategies, priorities, and ways of working to ensure that their organizations can continue to stay ahead. In fact, our research shows that leaders who are able to employ the principles we’ve identified for peak performance in this environment are four times more effective than their counterparts who don’t. With this in mind, organizations need to ensure that their leaders continue to develop the skills that allow them to embrace uncertainty, tackle tough challenges, and seize the opportunities that can help them accelerate performance and set their organizations apart from the rest.

Our Approach

Our comprehensive approach begins with an exploration of the business challenges and opportunities ahead, followed by an in-depth assessment phase with a suite of proprietary tools measuring factors that drive performance, including our proprietary Leadership Accelerator. Using the Heidrick Infinity Framework, and through the lens of our accelerating META framework, we draw on these insights to create a customized, high-impact learning and development experience designed to instill the skills needed to outperform. This can include workshops, blended and digital learning experiences, development centers, self-learning guides, and executive coaching. Our Integrated Coaching offering helps new senior leaders accelerate time to value on their path to achieving their performance goals.

The Heidrick Consulting Difference

Our extensive work placing talent at the board and executive levels of the world’s premier organizations gives us a unique perspective into the skills leaders need to accelerate their performance. We’ve worked with many organizations to ensure that they don’t just have the right leaders in place but that these leaders have what it takes to accelerate performance, effect transformative change, and boldly create the future they envision.

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Leadership Accelerator Questionnaire

The Leadership Accelerator Questionnaire (LAQ) is a robust assessment tool available for the measurement of individual leaders in an organization. The tool is completed online in a matter of minutes by those closest to the leader. It identifies the leader's position relative to best practices, along a continuum from derailing to accelerating, based on what empirical research has shown to determine long-term performance. The LAQ can be used to:

Assess a leader and provide accurate--and actionable--input that can be used by board members and other colleagues to help develop the executive's ability to lead and get results

Understand how the profiles of leaders differ across a large organization and the actions required to help make every leader as good as your best leader

Engage leaders in a development journey that goes beyond themselves and looks at the performance and potential of their team and the larger organization

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Executive Coaching and Coach Training Programs

Heidrick Consultings' integrated coaching offering helps leaders accelerate time to value on their path to achieving their performance goals. Coaching is about creating a safe space for senior leaders to challenge their thinking and create new insight. As a firm, we have vast experience coaching leaders to help them accelerate performance, affect transformative change, and boldly create the future they envision.

Measurable Outcomes

We help leaders set measurable outcomes aligned to the strategy and ensure they have the tools to succeed

Mindset and Behavioral Shift

We help leaders focus on the appropriate values and actions required for effective 'authentic' leadership

Greater Self-Awareness

We help leaders develop greater awareness of their own strength & challenges, breaking down silos across peer groups

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