Team Accelerator Coach Program

About the Team Accelerator Coach Program

The creation of the Team Accelerator methodology has taken place over time and with the collaboration of several experts in their fields. Sometimes, this involved standing on the shoulders of giants and sometimes this involved developing original models, tools and approaches that our experience with teams told us worked.

The Team Accelerator Coaching methodology was refreshed in 2016 following our findings on accelerating performance and our in-depth research into over 2,000 teams. 

Sharon Toye and Liz Rochester lead the program, with the support of a faculty team of three experienced team coach professionals who have worked with the Team Accelerator with clients for some time.

A member of the faculty will work in depth with the assigned learning sets and on small group assignments during the workshops. In addition, they will provide mentor support in-between the workshops. You will receive four mentor sessions that can be drawn on as required and in-between workshops. In addition, you will receive five sessions of supervision to support your ‘live’ client team development assignment.

The aim is to create a vibrant learning community that take ownership of their own learning and take advantage of the learning sets and community pre, during, and post workshops. We have designed the program to parallel many of the dynamics of a team system. It has a structure that encourages adult-to-adult learning and that recognizes and draws from all the experiences in the group.

The program includes the following key components:

  • Pre-program coach interview & competence self-assessment

  • On-line Heidrick & Struggles TACP learning portal

  • 10-day team coach development program

  • Workshop case study

  • Supervision on client team case study

  • Mentor sessions

  • Learning sets

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