Team & Organization Acceleration

Break Through to Better Performance and Accelerated Team and Organization Effectiveness

Break Through to Better Performance and Accelerated Team and Organization Effectiveness

Sector transformation. Evolving priorities. Nonstop disruption. In today’s complex business environment, organizations and teams need to ensure that they’re staying ahead of the curve—and ahead of the competition. Our research shows that adopting the behaviors that accelerate performance can pay off: teams that do so have 22.8% greater economic impact, and organizations that do so outperform the market by a factor of 2 to 1. But far too often, companies are unable to realize their full potential because of team and organizational structures and ways of working that limit their ability to accelerate performance and outperform in this bold new world of business.

Our Approach

We are your partners in equipping your organization and teams with the tools they need to shift their ways of working and surpass their goals—whether simplifying processes, increasing agility, improving collaboration beyond boundaries and borders, enabling innovation and digital transformation, or preparing for the future of work, if you’re focused on your organization, your team, or both, we provide an analysis of current performance, an understanding of what’s needed to outperform, and a framework for how to get there—and fast. Armed with deep behavioral and performance insights from our proprietary assessment tools such as our Team Accelerator Questionnaire (TAQ) and Leadership Accelerator Questionnaire (LAQ) as well as extensive research into the factors associated with effective teams and organizations, we identify the gaps between performance and potential and deploy a series of initiatives to break through roadblocks to peak performance.

The Heidrick Consulting Difference

From a diagnostics phase that includes immersion, interviews, and quantitative analyses and a change program that can include one-one-one coaching, sessions at The Corporate Lab®, and complete organizational redesign, our 360-degree approach to team and organization effectiveness is designed to challenge status quo thinking and enable optimal performance—today and tomorrow. It’s why organizations around the globe have counted on us to help them rethink the way their teams and organizations operate on their journeys to outperformance.

Digital Acceleration & Innovation

Emerging technology, rising customer expectations, changing consumer behaviors, shifting business models and other forces are creating remarkable opportunities and challenges in the new era of digital disruption. We work closely with senior leaders to help them shape their organization’s approach to human capital and deliver high-impact innovation and digital acceleration. Click here to learn more.


More and more organizations are seeking agility, yet organizational complexity is at record levels. Companies today often associate agility with complexity, when, in fact, they do not mix. However, in order to become an agile organization, simplifying complexity is the necessary first step. We work with leaders to transform their organizations from complexity to simplicity enabling higher efficiencies, lower costs and more innovation. Click here to learn more.

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Team Accelerator & Organization Accelerator Questionnaires

The Team Accelerator Questionnaire (TAQ) is the most empirically robust assessment tool available for the measurement of team performance. The questionnaire can be completed online in less than 20 minutes by the members of, and critical players around the team.

Take the TAQ Lite Version below.

The Organization Accelerator Questionnaire (OAQ), also completed online in less than 20 minutes by a subset of the company's staff, identifies the organization's current level of performance based on factors that rigorous empirical research has shown determine long-term success. 

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The TAQ and OAQ can be used to:

Assess a team and organization to provide accurate input to the leaders to help further develop effectiveness and performance

Understand how the teams differ across organizations and how organization stacks up against competitors pinpointing the actions required to drive outperformance

Engage members of an organization in an acceleration journey that will improve effectiveness and performance

Take the TAQ Lite Version

Team Accelerator Coach Program

The Team Accelerator Coach Program is designed for experienced executive development professionals who have experience in team development. The creation of the Team Accelerator methodology has taken place over time and with the collaboration of several experts in their fields. Sometimes, this involved standing on the shoulders of giants and sometimes this involved developing original models, tools and approaches that our experience with teams told us worked.

Methodology was refreshed in 2016 following our findings on accelerating performance and our in-depth research into over 2,000 teams

In-depth support from a faculty member who is an experienced team coach on assigned learning sets and small group assignments

Experience a vibrant learning community that parallels many of the dynamics of a team system

Learn more about the Team Accelerator Coach Program

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