Accelerating Strategy

Creating strategies that can adapt and accelerate

Assessing strategy and building adaptability

Uncertainty is a given in business—but it doesn't have to paralyze a company's ability to make good, forward-looking decisions. The leaders of organizations with accelerating strategies have clarity on the most important forces affecting the company, allowing those leaders to make the right decisions quickly as conditions change.

Accelerating businesses share an understanding of the company's purpose, where it's heading, and the uncertainties it faces. These companies also possess the agility to recover quickly from setbacks and adapt strategies as needed.

The Heidrick & Struggles Strategy Accelerator Questionnaire (SAQ) allows you to gauge your company's clarity about its purpose and direction, its strategic capabilities, its ability to act on initiatives, and its capacity to move quickly to deal with fast-changing threats and opportunities. Armed with that knowledge, your organization can create an accelerated strategy.

This brief interactive self-assessment provides a snapshot of your company's ability to accelerate the performance of your strategy—as well as your organization, leaders, and teams. Click here to begin your assessment.

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Strategy Acceleration Questionnaire

The Strategy Acceleration Questionnaire (SAQ) provides a means of comparing your organization's ability to adapt strategy with that of leading organizations. The online questionnaire can be completed quickly by team members involved in developing the organization's strategy. The results provide essential insights into ways the organization can better mobilize, execute, and transform with agility. The SAQ can be used to:

Assess your company's clarity of purpose and direction, as well as the extent to which it has--or can quickly develop--the strategies it needs to be successful

Develop insight into the critical capabilities the strategy requires and the ability to objectively identify and discontinue underperforming initiatives.

Learn how to pursue strategic ambitions while sustaining short-term performance, as well as improving your response time to future change

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