Regina Salvucci


Office Location: Costa Mesa

Phone: +1 562 4265400

Regina Salvucci is a partner in Heidrick Consulting's Senn Delaney Culture Shaping Practice. Regina's professional history has enabled her to experience the importance of healthy functioning at all levels in order to achieve optimum organizational performance.

Her view from the field and her experience working with senior leadership teams, labor unions and customers, and from owning her own business brings a mix of business sense, realism, and immediacy to her consulting relationships. She joined Senn Delaney to use this depth of understanding to help leaders create the thriving, organizational cultures.

Regina has previously held various leadership positions at Verizon. Her experience in leading teams through cultural transformation, restructuring, downsizing and through extensive quality improvement processes has provided her with valuable insights into how to effectively advise and assist large organizations in their cultural transformation journey.

She has also worked as a counselor/advisor for Lee Hecht Harrison and previously owned a highly successful retail business.


Regina received her education at Longwood College in Virginia.

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