Oil and Gas

Heidrick & Struggles’ Oil and Gas team is at the forefront of the trends and challenges facing this complex industry and serves as a strategic partner to some of the world’s premiere oil and gas organizations.

The petroleum industry functions not by the innovation of new technologies and execution of strategies, but by the individual choices of men and women in leadership. It is the executives and their teams who plan the drilling projects, determine budgets and timetables, deploy assets, and set the tone for the cultures and values of the organization.

We know that to succeed in today's global marketplace, oil and gas organizations must re-orientate themselves to drive creativity and expand capability, while steadily increasing productivity and reserve value. Throughout this industry-defining period, we know there is a talent shortage for experienced global leaders who can excel in this environment. Additional obstacles facing oil and gas include:

  • O&G Talent Shortage: Insufficient talent has entered into this industry during the peak years. As a result, the workforce has matured and continues to do so – not refreshing quickly enough.
  • Sector Risk: Oil and gas projects have become so large and risky that almost no companies are willing to shoulder the burden alone. As a result, the industry is seeing more joint ventures and collaborative projects between competitors.  This requires a very specific type of leadership – transformational leadership.
  • NOC Rise: There is a rise in the power of the National Oil Companies and their globalization into "INOCs" (international national oil companies). We know this will impact senior talent needs in the industry.

Our depth of industry knowledge enables our team of experts to create a precise leadership roadmap to address these complex challenges. Our experience and capabilities uniquely position us to help drive new culture, enhance team performance, integrate an acquisition or fill a single executive need – all while minimizing leadership risk across the business.


Les T. Csorba Les T. Csorba Partner

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