Environment, Conservation & Sustainability

We have a deep commitment to working with organizations dedicated to better appreciating, understanding, and protecting the natural world and our environment.

The leadership needs of non-profits and foundations in this sector range from understanding consumer expectations, to meeting regulatory requirements, to leading internal practices and processes, all while simultaneously meeting the appropriate financial interests of the organization.

Our non-profit clients in this arena frequently ask us to evaluate multi-sector candidates who have diverse experiences and a nuanced understanding of technical issues, finance, policy implications, and communications expertise.

On the for-profit side, CEOs and boards are responsible for understanding the potential impact and related risks of ESG issues on the organization’s operating model. But environmental issues are only part of the larger group of ESG considerations. Shareholders are also showing a preference for sustainably focused businesses.

Our team has a deep commitment to working with organizations committed to these issues. We not only understand this diverse talent landscape, we have systems and processes in place that allow for secure, paperless searches from end-to-end.


J.J. Cutler J.J. Cutler Global Managing Partner
Jackie Gallagher Zavitz Jackie Gallagher Zavitz Partner-In-Charge