Foundations & Philanthropy

Heidrick & Struggles’ Foundations & Philanthropy team of experts work with worldwide boards and senior management teams of institutions which support a multitude of societal causes including health, development, the arts, population, climate, entrepreneurship and policy. The list is as long as the spectrum of human need is wide. Our involvement with this diverse set of philanthropies includes independent, family and corporate foundations and has resulted in key placements across the spectrum of functional roles, including:

  • President, Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director
  • Board Members
  • Chief Investment Officer, Investment Director Vice President, Program Director
  • Director of Development

Foundations and their beneficiary grantees must be well managed to survive and prosper in order to make the impact called for in their mission statement. To do so in an ever-changing, highly competitive economic, social and technological environment, these organizations need creative executives with leadership skills who understand not only how to manage affairs day-to-day, but also recognize the increasing necessity for engaging in multi-lateral or multi-stakeholder partnerships to achieve objectives.

This new leadership competency is reshaping the sector. Developing effectiveness will have lasting impact on demonstrated outcomes. Leaders of philanthropies always have a genuine commitment to the mission of the organization, yet are today emerging from a wide range of industries.

We have seen the influence that a new generation of stakeholders and “impact investors” has exerted on philanthropy. This influence has translated into elevated requirements for leadership of foundations and grant-making institutions, providing assurance that social good is enabled by effective and efficient operating principles.  It’s this new generation of thinking that we engage in delivering our services to our clients. We work to create new ideas and initiatives through the ingenuity, inventiveness and passion we bring to our work.

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