Route to the Top

CEO Interviews

Our CEO conversations explore a wide range of opportunities, challenges, and experiences that are shaping the evolving role of the CEO around the world.

An interview with Lawrence Lam, CEO of Prudential Hong Kong

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Lawrence Lam

CEO of Prudential Hong Kong

Lawrence Lam, CEO of Prudential Hong Kong, discusses the path to becoming CEO and offers advice to aspiring leaders.

An interview with Angela Dong, global vice president, general manager of Greater China, Nike

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Angela Dong

Global vice president and general manager of Greater China, Nike

Angela Dong shares her career journey and discusses balancing the responsibilities of a global leader with regional responsibilities.

The evolving role of the CEO: An interview with Winnie Ma, president of Asia Pacific, VF Corporation

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Winnie Ma

President of Asia Pacific at VF Corporation


Winnie Ma shares her perspective on the challenges future CEOs will face and offers advice on how to be an inclusive leader.

Leadership perspectives: An interview with Thierry Vanlancker, former CEO of AkzoNobel

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Thierry Vanlancker

Former CEO of AkzoNobel, The Netherlands


Thierry Vanlancker shares the key levers of AkzoNobel’s sustainability strategy and discusses the importance of concrete targets to unify an organization.

Leadership perspectives: An interview with Marc Raisière, CEO of Belfius Bank

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Marc Raisière

CEO, Belfius Bank, Belgium


Marc Raisière discusses balancing a culture of innovation and humility with discipline and accountability and what the difference is between a good leader and a great leader.

Route to the Top 2021: Interview with Simon Yang, chairman and president of bp China

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Simon Yang

Chairman & president, bp China


Simon Yang shares his insights on the intersection between sustainability and organizational purpose.

What CEOs learn from board roles: An interview with Marilia Rocca

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Marilia Rocca

Former CEO, Grupo Hinode, Brazil


Marilia Rocca discusses how her approach to advancing DE&I issues is different in her CEO and board member roles.

Commercialization and culture: Leadership insights from Loop Energy’s CEO

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Ben Nyland

President & CEO, Loop Energy, US


Ben Nyland discusses leading a recently public company and building expert teams to navigate the energy transition.

Indian CEO insights: An interview with Manoj Kohli, country head of Softbank India

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Manoj Kohli

Country head, Softbank India


Manoj Kohli discusses how to build a purpose-driven organization and the challenges CEOs are facing in India today.