Tania Hotmer


Tania Hotmer is a principal in Heidrick & Struggles’ Costa Mesa office and a member of Heidrick Consulting. She excels at supporting companies in identifying and connecting with their purpose and enabling teams to strategically and successfully align their vision with their resources. With a wealth of consulting and direct business experience, Tania invests in understanding the thinking behind decisions to then focus on shifting mindsets and behaviors resulting in entire teams that are motivated to offer their best, ultimately taking the entire organization to the next level.


This commitment to creating healthy, sustainable, and high-performing cultures has proven successful for her clients, which are some of the world’s most recognized companies. Her exceptional ability to challenge mediocrity consistently drives enterprise-wide change that fuels profitable growth and powerful competitive advantage. Combined with her history as both an internal leader and external leader in the consulting arena, Tania is adept at delivering solutions through a lens that accounts for both sides of the table, making her a reputable resource for win-win solutions.

Prior to Heidrick & Struggles, Tania accelerated at American Electric Power (AEP) as a project manager, regulatory consultant, external affairs manager, and organizational performance & culture transformation leader where she developed creative journeys that drove strong engagement and performance improvements for 32k+ employees across 11 states. By sparking substantial change internally, the entire AEP culture transformed, driving $800M+ in operating savings while raising the company's overall performance.

As external affairs manager, Tania represented AEP in the community and in legislative affairs, working closely with manufacturers’ associations, the state chamber, the governor’s office and county commissions to support the strategic objectives of the organization. These connections resulted in building strong relationships with legislators, decision-makers, and stakeholders, ultimately giving Tania influence to work in the space of customer advocate where she built a bridge between the company and customers. Her commitment to building and maintaining win-win relationships is evident, both internally and externally, and Tania leads teams to effectively break down barriers, so all invested parties are equally valued in their influence and voice. Tania’s knack for aligning and engaging teams brings unity that results in stronger outcomes because all people are confident of their unique value.



Franklin University, Master's Degree in Business Administration

Franklin University, Bachelor's Degree in Applied Management

Philanthropy and Service

Tania developed dynamic working relationships with state and elected officials in her work with philanthropic and political action agencies including the Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Department of Energy. She has served on several boards including Habitat for Humanity West Virginia, Charleston Area Alliance, West Virginia Chamber Environmental Board, and American Red Cross West Virginia. She brings valuable leadership and insight into the spaces she serves leveraging her MBA, her swath of experiences, and her sought-after leadership.