Leadership Assessment 
Leadership Assessment 
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To get the best out of leadership, you need to assess your leaders. That’s true whether you’re evaluating candidates or understanding and developing the talent you already have in-house. It’s true whether you’re assessing one leader at the very top or thousands of leaders firm-wide.

What We Offer

We deliver scalable leadership assessment solutions that address the full range of your needs: from an individualized, high-touch interview-based assessment of senior executives, to digitally delivered assessment with fully digital reporting to evaluating a larger cohort of leaders.

We will meet you where you are, with customizable assessment solutions based on your priorities, for consistent, comprehensive reporting that will inform your leadership strategy and plans.

Why Choose Us
Of the many reasons to choose Heidrick & Struggles for leadership assessment, here are the most critical:
Validated and normed IP

Our assessments are rooted firmly in decades of research and data on what drives business impact, calibrated carefully to remove bias, and normed across different roles, to deliver proven solutions.


Our solutions enable you to incorporate your organization’s unique ways of defining great leadership and the language your organization uses to describe it.


Our assessment solutions can include specialized assessments around culture, inclusion, agility, and other topics that are critical to leadership success and can integrate with third-party instruments or assessments that you’ve already built internally.

User experience

Our state-of-the-art digital platform is designed to handle end-to-end logistics for our clients for a seamless, intuitive user experience.


We have digital and human-delivered reporting capabilities, including assessments of individual capability and performance and aggregated reporting to identify strengths and gaps.


Post-assessment, we can work with you to create a plan for developing high-potential leaders or link your results to succession planning, L&D, and executive coaching to translate assessment into action and outcomes.

Client Success Story

The Heidrick leadership framework in action

A global technology-products business reached out to Heidrick & Struggles to assess a handful of top leaders as the firm went through a major strategy shift. As requested, we created an assessment solution rooted in the deep data of the Heidrick Leadership Framework but built around their business imperatives and unique leadership language in a way that helped them understand the target leaders’ capabilities and development areas as they were transitioning to the new strategy.

Seeing the value and power of our assessment frameworks and reports, the client engaged us for a digital assessment of nearly 500 rising in-house leaders, using the same frameworks but normed to a younger cohort. The results spoke for themselves: the client used the assessment findings to retain and develop a significantly greater proportion of high-performers than in the past, establish clear succession plans, and fully understand the talent they had in-house and any leadership gaps to fill for the future.

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