Leading Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Agile HR: Leading talent through the COVID-19 crisis

By Lisa B. Baird, Steven Krupp, Amy Miller and Mark Zorbas

What HR leaders are seeing as their biggest challenges right now, and some proven principles that can help.

From blame to gain: Leading with agility in a crisis

By Steven Krupp

The COVID-19 crisis underscores the need for leaders at all kinds of organizations to avoid blame and lead with adaptability, resilience, learning, and foresight.

Why diversity and inclusion are more important than ever during the COVID-19 crisis

By Jennifer Flock

D&I will be one of the critical differentiators in how companies weather this storm. What should leaders know?

Boards and the COVID-19 crisis: Leading right now, preparing for the future

By Alice Breeden and Bonnie W. Gwin

What board members should keep in mind now to prepare their companies for the post-crisis world.

Becoming a digital-first organization: Making the most of crisis-driven digital transformation

By Scott Snyder

Companies are using digital tools and automation more than ever. Now, as leaders reimagine and reset their businesses for the future, those who focus on purpose and culture while they seek to make the most of technology will ...

Navigating paradox with agility

By Steven Krupp and Alex Libson

During the COVID-19 crisis, leaders are having to make decisions that involve paradoxes: choosing between seemingly self-contradictory goals. Those who reframe their thinking about such decisions will make better ones.

Restructuring with purpose: Leading through disruption to build long-term strength

By Jeremy C. Hanson

The COVID-19 crisis will force many companies into some form of restructuring. Keeping a few purpose-focused principles in mind can help boards and leadership teams emerge with more agile, innovative, and resilient organizations ...

Leading with agility in a crisis

By Steven Krupp

Companies that are agile have a better chance of not just surviving but thriving during the COVID-19 crisis.

Retail boards in the COVID-19 crisis: Key considerations to build resilience

By Catherine A. Lepard and Sachi Vora

The retail industry’s ongoing transformation and new challenges presented by the COVID-19 crisis highlight the need for US boards and CEOs to examine how they communicate to stakeholders, plan, and assess leadership in an ...

COVID-19 and the future of work: Four scenarios

By Yulia Barnakova and Scott Snyder

Heidrick & Struggles has developed four scenarios for the world of work in 2023. Here we explore the implications for leaders and organizations in each scenario.

Boards and the COVID-19 crisis: Preparing for the future

By Bonnie W. Gwin

There are three trends emerging as boards prepare for a future following the COVID-19 crisis.

Considerations for emergency CEO successions

By Lee Hanson and John S. Wood

If a CEO is diagnosed with COVID-19, a board must be prepared to manage the unique consequences. The incoming CEO will benefit from keeping a few tested principles in mind in this unprecedented situation.

CFO agility in the spotlight: Balancing current risk and future viability

By Jill Blackburn, Alyse D. Bodine, Susie Clements and Steven Krupp

CFOs have had to radically shift their focus to sustain their companies during the COVID-19 crisis and position them for strength in the aftermath. Most will benefit from improving their adaptability, resilience, learning, ...

The future of finance: A survey of US CFOs

By Kay M. Fuhrman

According to a recent Heidrick & Struggles survey, one group of CFOs stands out as more optimistic about the future—and somewhat more often already have the leadership skills they need to sustain resilience.

How the general counsel role is changing in 2020: A new job description?

By Kamau Coar and Victoria S. Reese

We present findings from our survey of 90 general counsels in the United States on how their role and that of legal departments has changed this year and what they expect for the future.

Leading through crisis: Excerpts from Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit

By Bonnie W. Gwin

Heidrick & Struggles’ Bonnie Gwin explains what boards should and shouldn’t focus on in crisis and examines recent trends in board composition on the MPW panel “The board’s role in leading through crisis.”

Agile leadership in the pharmaceutical industry: Insights from AmerisourceBergen’s Executive Vice President Robert Mauch

By Heidrick & Struggles

AmerisourceBergen’s Robert Mauch shares his perspectives on purpose-driven change management, corporate diversity and inclusion, the public perception of the pharmaceutical industry, and innovations within the healthcare ...

Evolution of the workplace: Virtual work and reskilling at Infosys

By Heidrick & Struggles

In this podcast, Ravi Kumar, president at Infosys, shares his perspective on how the COVID-19 pandemic will change the order of society and the enterprise as we are forced to transition into more agile, resilient, outcome-centric, ...

Energy leaders for the next decade: Rebuilding the industry after the COVID-19 crisis

By Les T. Csorba and David Pruner

The real competition in the energy industry in the years ahead will be for a new kind of leadership.

A company ahead of its time: Insights from a 100% virtual business

By Heidrick & Struggles

In this podcast, Marc Zionts, executive chairman and board member of Precision Nutrition, a native 100% virtual business, discusses what it takes to successfully run a business with a remote workforce, both during the COVID-19 ...

How leaders can help workers thrive now—and build a foundation for growth

By Emily Amdurer

Focusing on three principles will help leaders support a resilient workforce during the COVID-19 crisis, and do so in a way that will help the whole organization thrive in the long term.

Excellence is the next five minutes

By Rose Gailey

What excellent leadership is—and is not—in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Boards and the COVID-19 crisis: Leading right now

By Alice Breeden

Boards that do well and thrive through a crisis do three key things.

Leading through the crisis by counting on purpose and values

By Rose Gailey

An authentic and resilient culture is helping some companies navigate the coronavirus crisis. Here is what all companies can do now to build—or maintain—a thriving culture.

Disruptive leaders: An overlooked source of organizational resilience

By Paul Gibson, Karen Rosa West and PhD

Through the COVID-19 crisis and after, leaders who can disrupt and challenge successfully can be important sources of organizational resilience.