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Rapid solutions to persistent problems

The Corporate Lab® uniquely links behavioral change to innovative thinking and the way people work. Combining design thinking, agile learning, and scientific method, The Corporate Lab® shatters paradigms, alters frames of references, and embeds fundamental change in how an organization operates.

Innovation is a relentless pursuit. It demands the drive to improve, to outperform, to achieve. To unlock new potential in an organization, the status quo must change. To truly transform, to innovate at a new level, requires a problem-solving model that continually grows the organization’s capability to change.

The Corporate Lab® shatters paradigms, establishes new behaviors, and sparks passion for new ways of thinking.

It teaches an organization to imagine what’s possible.

Whether the challenge is accelerating speed to market, optimizing the customer experience, or responding to aggressive competition, The Corporate Lab® builds the capacity and the capability of an organization to make sustainable change.

Igniting the organization to make change

A brilliant strategy is inconsequential unless it is embraced and implemented by the entire organization. Studies show that 6070% of change-management programs fail. Resistance is a major factor.

A blind spot for many change-management programs is the untapped insights and latent knowledge of frontline employees. To realize the full value of your organization’s knowledge, The Corporate Lab® builds a nimble, cross-functional team that includes frontline participants.

Being inclusive empowers people. They feel ownership in ideas and are invested in making change happen. By developing a collaborative team, The Corporate Lab® turns resistance into advocacy.

30 days to innovation

The Corporate Lab® begins with a two-day immersive experience in which participants are charged with solving a frustrating problem for an organization that feels remarkably like their own. In the unscripted lab environment, the organization’s culture emerges and strengths and roadblocks to innovation are identified. Through the experience, mind-sets shift. The team challenges assumptions, sees what could be, and develops confidence and passion for new ways of thinking. With a new problem-solving model in place, participants apply the lab lessons to a persistent challenge for their own organization and deliver a mandate in 30 days.

The ability to drive quantum change

Approaching challenges with a “way we’ve always done it” mentality can produce incremental change. To drive a quantum leap in performance, however, requires a massive mind-set shift of the entire organization.

Developing an agile, prepared, and passionate organization that can translate ideas quickly into action leads to success. The Corporate Lab® pulls change through organizations and has garnered up to 50% improved performance.

Speed, certainty, and sustainability

In 30 days, The Corporate Lab® reinvents an organization’s process of innovation. A fully operational pilot created for and by the team yields dramatic results. By teaching the team how to put new lenses on persistent challenges, The Corporate Lab® embeds winning habits and new competencies throughout the company. Then another team within the organization can begin applying this problem-solving approach to another business challenge.

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Read the below interactive real-world case studies illustrating successful results from The Corporate Lab®.

Giving frontline employees a voice in change

How a financial services firm found new solutions to a slow adoption rate of an e-delivery platform.

The case of the missing french fries

Utilizing frontline employee's insights solved this quick-service restaurant chain's costly "french fry efficiency rate."

Launch your employees on an Idea Quest

Good things happen when companies view employees as active advocates and participants of change programs.

Transforming customer service in a call center

By changing the mind-sets of its frontline staff, a Fortune 100 company was able to liberate itself from the shackles of information technology.


Getting past “we've always done it that way”

A frontline team helped a 100-year-old furniture manufacturer overcome its quality issues—and an ingrained aversion to change.

The virtue of challenging conventional wisdom

The first step on the path to organizational change may be as simple as asking, "why do we do it that way?"

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This program is adapted from his book, The Q-Loop: The Art and Science of Lasting Corporate Change (Routledge, 2014).

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