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Podcast episode 15: Transforming with agility, leading with purpose

In this podcast episode, NiQ Lai, chief operating officer of Hong Kong Broadband Network (HKBN), discusses how striking the right balance between fulfilling the company’s purpose and achieving bottom-line results led to...

2018 heats up: Talent, digital, sustainability, and the butterfly effect

Executives who view small changes in isolation risk missing their much larger potential for global impact.

What your business may still be missing in cybersecurity

Cyber risks threaten companies across industries. Businesses must empower chief information security officers to identify and, more important, combat these risks.

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Executive Assistant Karolina Lasocki explains how both #diversity and #inclusion boost creativity in the workplace.… https://t.co/yJswHFg8Gu
Principal Tom Cunningham shares his point of view on the importance of #diversity for businesses.… https://t.co/YZOg8xIGf8
"#Diversity does not equal inclusion, but #inclusion does equate to diversity of thought." says Engagement Manager… https://t.co/CJHkYPCjib
Advice from Practice Manager Elena Mariggi: "Not embracing and accepting our differences and not leveling the playi… https://t.co/wTVPVgQiFz