Consumer Products
Relentlessly committed to helping you win in the markets that are undergoing transformation

With the global consumer goods market at more than $10 trillion, and expected to reach $15 trillion by 2025, consumer goods consumption is a key part of the economy. To achieve consistent growth in this highly competitive world driven by consolidation, fragmentation, digitization, and consumer expectations, consumer products companies must always be evolving. Whether entering new categories or unlocking consumer-centric sales channels, leadership in this sector requires vision, agility, and speed-to-action in order to bring in new consumers while building loyalty.

We combine proven, data-driven assessment methods with a passionate team of experts that crosses borders and industries to find candidates who can lead through change including product innovation, new sales channels, and advanced supply chains. With clients that range from global brands to family-held businesses to private equity-backed disrupters, we help senior management and both executive and non-executive boards engage dynamic talent to help them win and grow in the market.

Consumer Goods Focus: Finding the Right Consumer Leaders
“The changes [needed] go far beyond setting up an e-commerce capability. The crucial challenge is instilling a mindset in the entire organization on the importance of meeting customers where they are.”