Organizational Simplicity
A human approach to helping organizations reduce complexity and embrace the power of radical simplicity

While more and more companies seek increased agility to pursue digital business models and keep pace with customer demands, organizational complexity has never been higher. Unchecked, complexity wastes time and money, slows change, frustrates people, derails performance, and hinders agility. To become future-ready, simplicity is critical. And it starts at the top.

Grounded in our META (Mobilize, Execute, and Transform with Agility) framework, Heidrick & Struggles focuses on the human element behind why complexity is a key obstacle for growth. Knowing that leaders are often the biggest drivers of complexity, we work closely with C-suite and other key executives to build simplicity into how they think. Our proven methodology shifts mindsets and behaviors, removes barriers, and helps accelerate performance by placing strategic importance on holistically hardwiring simplicity into an organization’s culture.

Those organizations that embrace simplicity in their Strategy, Operating model and Culture win. High accelerating organizations enjoy twice the compound average growth rate of low accelerating organizations."
Heidrick & Struggles’ Accelerating Performance research
The Complexity Challenge

Organizations are in a state of simplicity when what actually happens is aligned with strategy.

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