Organizational Simplicity
Simple is smarter

Organizational complexity has never been higher—and it continues to grow. Left unchecked, organizational complexity, including structures, processes, decision-making, and data, slows change, disengages people, hinders agility, and derails performance. Our research shows that most organizational complexity is created by people—especially leaders. Also, our research data suggests that high organizational simplicity is among the best predictors of extraordinary performance: businesses that keep it simple enjoy twice the compound average growth rate of those with high complexity. Organizations need to find the right path to simplicity—knowing the crucial difference between good and bad complexity—and ensure their leaders can create and sustain it.

Our Radical Simplicity approach is grounded in our META (Mobilize, Execute, and Transform with Agility) framework. Radical Simplicity means purposely designing simplicity into every corner of the organization. As part of the process, we shift complexity-creating mindsets and behaviors, remove barriers, and accelerate performance by holistically hardwiring simplicity into an organization’s culture and making it an ongoing strategic priority. Simple is smarter, and we can help you get there.

The Radical Simplicity process can be deployed in different ways
Simplicity Leadership Development

Equipping leaders with the mindset and tools to simplify complexity.

Simplicity Culture

Using our proprietary Culture Shaping methodology to help organizations embed simplicity into their culture.

Organization Design

Driving simplicity through an organization's structures, processes, roles and ways of working.

The Performance Engine

A one to two-day immersion experience to solve an organization’s biggest complexity challenge in under 30 days.

Simplicity Hackathon

Engage large numbers of employees to rapidly identify and solve everyday organization complexity challenges and embrace Simplicity Thinking.

Our clients are saying...
I am extremely pleased with the dramatic improvements we have experienced in a relatively short time. In fact, our pilot was up and running within 30 days, and its performance exceeded our expectations by 25%. Needless to say, the results are already showing up on our balance sheet.
~ Chief Executive Officer, Private Equity Portfolio Company

Radical Simplicity can be applied to every corner of the organization

Organizational Simplicity

Why simplicity is the key to accelerating performance

Companies that excel at simplicity throughout their organizations continuously and repeatedly seek to kill complexity in four key areas: strategy, operating model, culture, and activity.

Radical Simplicity: Our Impact
Global Insurance Giant 
multi-year operating model simplification saving in the first year
Soft Drinks Bottler 
hours lost to unnecessary complexity eliminated and reinvested
Industrial Services 
decrease in AR days and 70% decrease in credit and collections days
Fortune 500 Energy Company 
reduction in client churn delivering $5M in value
Those organizations that embrace simplicity in their strategy, operating model and culture win. High accelerating organizations enjoy twice the compound average growth rate of low accelerating organizations."
Heidrick & Struggles’ Accelerating Performance research
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