Agile Leader Potential (ALP)
Agile Leader Potential (ALP)
The future of leadership assessment

Agility is the essential trait for breakthrough performance. Today’s successful leaders can anticipate and navigate changes, adapt and take action, readily learn from experience, and maintain focus in the face of challenges.

Agile Leader Potential (ALP) quantifies this high-value skill set. Applying digital technology to well-established psychometric and cognitive measures across key behaviors and attributes, this dynamic assessment tool offers an engaging and interactive experience to help identify untapped potential within your organization.

This fully digital experience, aligned to Heidrick & Struggles’ proprietary META framework, provides valuable feedback on these four predictors of Agility:

  • Thinking Dexterity – the ability to solve complex problems, think logically, and develop effective solutions
  • Curiosity – tendency to seek new experiences, opportunities to learn, and alternative ways of thinking
  • Social Agility – tendency to effectively balance assertiveness and self-confidence, with empathy and warmth towards others
  • Tenacity – tendency to strive for achievement, practice self-discipline, and maintain focus
Have you ever wondered how well you demonstrate Agility at work?

A fully digital series of challenges to assess, train and develop your leaders

Introducing a new breed of assessment that combines game and video-based analytics to help measure and enhance leader agility. 

Developing future leaders

Treating your leadership pipeline as a strategic asset

Companies are at more risk than ever before of becoming net exporters of effective leaders for reasons ranging from unprecedented retention challenges to an inability to understand how to develop and retain the leaders they will need, as those needs change faster than ever.

What is META?

Promote the right behaviors and accelerate your strategy

Think in terms of the four areas of META.

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