Leadership Development
Leadership Development
Develop Connecting Leaders for today and tomorrow

The leader of the future is a Connecting Leader—someone who connects to themselves, their team, their organization, and the outside world to deliver value on every level. This type of leader is critical in a business environment shaped by daily crises, sky-high complexity, and increasing expectations that organizations will solve the social and environmental problems governments and other institutions can’t. Connecting leaders understand those forces and envision the future to chart a way forward through constantly evolving workforces and workspaces to orchestrate teams, businesses, and ecosystems for impact. Always with a purpose-driven, human-centered approach that’s ever more critical in the face of AI-driven technological advancement.

At Heidrick & Struggles, we know what makes great leaders. Building on our 70+ years of delivering leadership insights, we did the hard work to develop and refine our point of view on the future of leadership—The Connecting Leader—integrating market research, proprietary assessment, consultant expertise, and client feedback. More broadly, we use best-in-class industry and behavioral expertise to create scalable, personalized development solutions, whether assessing top executives across sectors for impact and potential or crafting engaging experiences that transform leaders as they ascend within their organizations and industries. Delivering evidence-based leadership concepts, solutions, and results for maximum organizational impact—it’s all we do.

Leadership Development

The connecting leader: Four imperatives for leaders today

The world has changed, and leadership has changed. Connecting leaders, who build human-to-human relationships and can spot patterns and bring together resources, will positively impact all stakeholders and collectively raise their teams, organizations, and ecosystems to the top, in the short and long term. These leaders will leave a lasting legacy on the people they work with, the organization they work for, and the world we live in.

Developing future-ready leaders
The future of the enterprise is about long-term value creation, balancing economic success with social and environmental responsibility. The future of leadership is about being more human-centered while embracing greater openness to the external world.
~ Dr. Regis Chasse, Head of Leadership Development Solutions at Heidrick & Struggles
Recent Heidrick & Struggles research shows
how much more productive accelerating leaders are than derailing ones
executives say they risk losing talent because of better promotion and development opportunities elsewhere
executives cite learning opportunities as top retention tools
planned annual increase in leadership development investment by companies worldwide by 2026
HR and learning leaders believe measuring the impact of leadership development is important
HR and learning leaders unsatisfied with their measurement approach
Leadership Development Solutions
Our leadership practice provides a set of signature experiences, tailored to accelerate distinct populations of leaders. Each of these signature experiences are tailored to your specific business strategy and leadership challenges.

For senior executives focused on business transformation and accelerating growth.


For closing capability gaps among leaders who are critical to strategic priorities.


For next-generation leaders building the mindsets and skills to take on bigger roles.


For under-represented talent to accelerate impact and progression.

Developing Future-Ready Leaders

Leading change in a permacrisis

Leaders today are faced with an unending onslaught of disruption. Rather than a step-by-step process typical of classic change management, leaders need a consistent set of mindsets and behaviors that they can deploy with agility.

Leadership Development: The Heidrick Leadership Accelerator

Whatever your strategic ambitions, your leaders need to level-up and work across their ecosystems to anticipate the future, shape new strategies, innovate, and drive performance.


Leading in Uncertainty

A playbook for harnessing the power of agility. Our research on organizations and leaders who accelerate performance in a volatile and uncertain world indicates that agility separates the best from the rest. Too many organizations are slow, bureaucratic, and indecisive. They fail to embrace uncertainty

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