Human Resources Officers
Accelerating excellence in human capital leadership

Today’s top human resources executives are true strategists, operating beyond traditional HR operations to oversee an organization’s end-to-end talent agenda. They are business leaders who wield influence at the very top, drive digital transformation and corporate culture, and are agile enough to serve in roles ranging from strategic talent advisor, to crisis lead, to diversity and inclusion champion.

Heidrick & Struggles is uniquely qualified to help companies find and develop this new breed of HR leader. Having defined the global standard for leadership consulting and talent acquisition across a variety of industries, from private equity-backed firms to the Fortune 500, we use a time-tested and highly analytical approach to uncover candidates with the unique blend of skills to meet the ever-evolving demands of this dynamic function.

Industrial Human Resources

CHROs in paper and packaging share talent-related challenges and how to win

To understand current talent dynamics in the paper and packaging industries, we recently interviewed the industries’ CHRO community. Our goal is to highlight the challenges faced and corresponding strategies and initiatives to attract and retain top talent in the sector.

Asia Pacific & Middle East Future CHROs

What are the key challenges HR leaders face in the Asia Pacific and Middle East region and how can aspiring CHROs prepare themselves for the role? Watch this video featuring our colleagues from around the region to learn more.

Diversity is top-of-mind for many boards and CEOs when searching for a CHRO.
Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion 
Diverse Human Resources Officer placements in 2020

For more than 70 years, we've helped clients build successful, diverse senior leadership teams