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CEOs and boards are facing ever-growing disruption and responsibilities. In addition to increased shareholder pressure, activists, digital transformation, and ESG, leadership teams must remain focused on the future and the complexities of CEO succession, C-suite buildouts and creating a dynamic and transparent boardroom that encourages diversity of thought, talent, and teams.

Heidrick & Struggles has a proven global track record of working at the top with efficiency and discretion. Our data-driven advisory approach and extensive global talent network help our clients build inclusive, sustainable leadership teams with the right skills, knowledge, and agility to adapt, change, and remain effective to ensure long-term success.

In the media

CEO and board confidence monitor: A worried start to 2024

Alice Breeden, a partner in the London office, discusses our recent survey of CEOs and board members at companies around the world, highlighting that they have little confidence in their organizations’ ability to manage what matters most.

We believe that diversity broadens and enhances the boardroom and leadership teams' perspective.
Our commitment to Diversity & Inclusion 
Board candidates presented on an annual, global, cumulative basis who are diverse
Organizational culture shaping

Aligning culture with the bottom line

Our second survey of CEOs around the world underscores the deep links leaders see between culture and financial performance.

Chief Executive Officer

The composition of Fortune 100 executive teams: How diverse is the CEO succession pipeline at leading companies?

Heidrick & Struggles research shows low levels of gender and ethnic diversity in key internal pathways to the CEO role, suggesting that it will be challenging to increase diversity among Fortune 100 CEOs in the medium term.

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