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The promise of a digital future has convinced organizations across all industry sectors to adopt more technology-focused business strategies to drive growth. Today’s business landscape is defined by rapid innovation, as advances in cloud computing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things have enabled companies to become lean and agile competitors in the global market.

Leadership plays an essential role in this technology transformation, and we help our clients find and develop next-generation talent necessary to take their organizations to the next level. Our consultants bring unparalleled experience placing diverse and differentiated technology leaders across industries with some of the most admired companies around the world.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion: We believe in the opportunity of diversity to broaden the collective organizational perspective. In 2018, we pledged that at least 50% of our initial slate of longlisted board candidates would be diverse.
Overall Diversity 
Percentage of U.S. diverse placements overall by the Technology Officers Practice in 2020
Gender Diversity 
Percentage of U.S. gender diverse placements by the Technology Officers Practice in 2020
Ethnic diversity 
Percentage of U.S. ethnically diverse placements by the Technology Officers Practice in 2020
Technology Leadership

Asia Pacific & Middle East Future Chief Technology Officers (CTOs)

What are the key challenges technology leaders face in Asia Pacific and the Middle East and how can aspiring CTOs prepare themselves for the role? Watch this video featuring our colleagues from around the region to learn more

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