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Route to the Top 2019

The role of the CEO is changing, and so are the skills and competencies being sought, according to our findings on newly appointed CEOs across 16 countries.

How purpose and agility are key for the leadership of tomorrow

In this podcast, Uwe Raschke, board member of Robert Bosch and CEO and chairman of BSH, Bosch Siemens Home Appliances, shares his perspective on agility, purposeful leadership, and the keys to a successful business...

Why successful digital officers don’t always have “digital” in their title

CEOs often seek to accelerate digital transformations by adding a chief digital officer. But there are a number of questions they should ask first, and several models of digital leadership to consider.

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(Podcast) The CHROs Role in the Evolving Digital Age - Listen here: https://t.co/6ydq3SQJ9m #humanresourceshttps://t.co/ALa6NAzB30
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