Chief Executive Acceleration
We help place the ideal executive and ensure their sustained success

The naming of a new CEO is a huge transition point for a company, and for the individual assuming the top leadership role. To meet increasingly high expectations, CEOs must walk through the door with a true measure of the organization they are about to lead. The right preparation can help new executives bring clarity to their goals and mission, avoid being stalled by conflicting priorities or unforeseen barriers, and ensure they are ready to make a positive impact from day one.

Heidrick & Struggles helps increase the speed-to-value of top-tier talent. As experts in human capital, we go beyond the placement and provide a 90-day plan that aligns a new hire’s leadership style with an organization’s strategic goals. Leveraging cutting-edge assessment tools and a deep understanding of the success factors for the new chief executive’s role, we provide trusted counsel to help shape early wins and achieve sustainable results.

The CEO landscape is changing
The first 90 days for a transitioning chief executive are critical 
Higher economic impact result from accelerating teams than derailing teams

Building Strong Foundations of Future-Ready Leadership

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