Talent Planning M&A
Assessing current and future capability potential to make informed talent decisions

The rapid pace of change and rising shareholder expectations have created ideal conditions for increased M&A activity. With mounting consolidation across industries in order to pursue a growth strategy, there’s an ever-expanding need for combined organizations to quickly and thoughtfully evaluate their human capital.

We take the forward view, helping clients tackle decisions about pivotal functions, as well as complex challenges relating to the blending of cultures. Our process utilizes proprietary assessment tools to identify top candidates for leadership positions, offering a systemic look at collective strengths, gaps, and development needs. In addition to pinpointing “must retain” talent, we advise more broadly on critical capabilities and potential new roles required to move forward.

Recognizing this can be both an exciting and concerning time for employees, we are proud of how we operate at a pace that helps minimize uncertainty for individuals, providing real value from a personal development standpoint while giving stakeholders robust data and insights.

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