Building strong foundations of future-ready leadership
From the board room to the C-suite, successful leaders embrace change and set the tone on vital issues that are paramount to an organization’s success. But fostering leadership as a capability requires commitment, and a willingness to apply new learning, which can open up new possibilities to unlock a leader’s full potential. 

At Heidrick & Struggles, our advisory services help assess, develop, coach, and accelerate leaders, teams, and entire organizations. Applying our deep understanding of the behaviors and attributes of leaders across many of the world’s premier companies, we guide our clients as they build a thriving culture of future-ready leadership.

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Our dedicated team co-creates leadership journeys that best suit our clients’ specific challenges. Through a combination of proprietary tools and approaches, as well as market-leading techniques, we develop solutions that accelerate the realization of clients’ performance ambitions. In our brochure, learn about our consulting practice’s impact, methodology, and solutions.


5 Drivers of Employee Value Proposition for a future-proof workforce

What’s the best way to attract, develop, and retain the top next-generation leaders for your business? The Employee Value Proposition—or EVP—can be a critical differentiator. The EVP concept isn’t new, but it’s often misunderstood and not clearly defined. This playbook will help you think about and assess your EVP in terms of five key drivers: Purpose, Culture, Leadership, Development, and Total Rewards.

How to Build effective teams

Lead Through Anything

Lead Through Anything focuses on a wide variety of skills, such as aligning people and energy to a common cause, building effective teams and helping them work together more selflessly, establishing positive confidence more often in oneself and others, increasing engagement and retaining top talent, and shaping a positive, impact-driven organizational culture.

Developing future leaders

Treating your leadership pipeline as a strategic asset

Companies are at more risk than ever before of becoming net exporters of effective leaders for reasons ranging from unprecedented retention challenges to an inability to understand how to develop and retain the leaders they will need, as those needs change faster than ever.

Enabling a world better led

Using a combination of our agile approach, digital-first proprietary tools, and market-leading techniques, we help clients accelerate progress toward their ambitions with solutions that respond to the challenges of an ever-changing world.

What is META

Four key Leadership Accelerators

The ability to Mobilize, Execute and Transform with Agility

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Our assessments of leaders’ agility potential over the past year show that fewer than half are strong at any of the four traits
Commitment to DE&I 
Diverse global board candidates in 2020
Thinking Dexterity
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Building Strong Foundations of Future-Ready Leadership

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