Heidrick & Struggles' Insights on Artificial Intelligence
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A deep dive into AI

Heidrick & Struggles' Insights on Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is reshaping business models and organizations at a dizzying speed. Leaders face increased pressure to define and find the talent they need to understand, implement, and govern AI in a safe, ethical, and profitable way. Watch this page for our latest insights into AI and its business impacts.

What AI could mean for talent across the C-suite

In this article, we present insights on where and how generative and other forms of AI will impact organizational functions, businesses, and industries and how leaders should consider these impacts as they plan for the future.

Manufacturing and AI
New digital tools, technology, and manufacturing's embrace of AI
Our AI, Data & Analytics expertise
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In the media
Here is what Heidrick & Struggles' consultants are talking about ...
From CIO Dive

"On International Women in Engineering Day, engineers highlight the need for IT diversity" (June 2023)

"In cases where teams are building and designing advanced technology such as AI systems, diverse teams are mission critical. If teams lack diversity when designing training data, it can result in an underrepresentation of a particular group. But it’s also about the diversity of the teams that are developing and evaluating the models, just so that they can make sure that those models are representative of multiple perspectives and experiences.”
Brittany Gregory, engagement manager, AI, Data & Analytics Practice

From CIO Dive

Boards lack AI expertise as adoption plans advance” (October 2023)

CIO Dive reported on the exclusive Heidrick & Struggles' 2023 Europe and US Data, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence Executive Organization and Compensation Survey.  

“Many executives are comfortable with the level of expertise in data and analytics, but once you cross over into AI and ML, that’s where you get the big drop off in relevancy, deep expertise and knowledge.”

Ryan Bulkoski, partner and global leader, AI, Data & Analytics Practice

From Sifted

"$400k graduate salaries and gun-for-hire ‘SWAT teams' — inside the wild AI talent market of 2023” (November 2023)

“[Tech and AI scale start-ups] are the ones who are going to be more proactive in the recruitment of that talent coming out of university with a PhD or a master's in AI, because they can plug that talent into their ecosystem far easier.”

Sam Burman, global managing partner, Specialty Practices

From Emerce

Data and AI are becoming increasingly important management components” (November 2023) 

“Dutch organizations put more and more emphasis on AI and Data, but it still rarely reaches the leadership team. Unfortunately, this leads to AI and machine learning being mainly discussed on a tactical instead of a strategic level.”

Camilla Reventlow, partner, Technology & Services Practice

From L'Echo

“Artificial intelligence will not take the place of the CEO” (August 2023)

“AI will increase knowledge and information, which will improve decision-making. AI is a tool, not a solution in itself. It's not going to replace the person, it's going to make the data grow... For the manager, it's a matter of building a collaboration with AI to create the best potential for the benefit of the company.”

Marie-Hélène De Coster, partner, Healthcare & Life Sciences Practice

From Gulf News

AI and tech-enabled talent can be a potent force in UAE real estate” (September 2023)  

“The pressure to deliver fast returns is constant and the need to experiment with new business models can’t be overlooked… [but] this pressure can create a precarious comfort zone that inhibits real estate leaders’ longer-term perspective and puts their ability to keep up with global innovations and best practices at risk. While some organizations are willing to make big bets on technology with the goal of staying at the forefront of innovation, others downplay its relevance against the unchanging fundamentals of real estate.”

James Raley, principal, Financial Services Practice

From Future CIO

Securing generative AI: what you need to do” (August 2023)

“It is crucial to find solutions that satisfy businesses’ needs in a safe environment. This requires implementing local instances of AI tools, to ensure that the data given to the AI stays within a controlled environment.”

Mike Assin, principal, Heidrick Consulting

AI and on-demand talent
34% of executives identified AI as one of the most useful areas to engage a non-FTE.
According to a H&S/BTG/Atreus survey in July 2023 of executives in the US, UK, and Germany
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