Team Acceleration
Unlock the power of teams

Teams are where work gets decided, aligned, communicated, and done. Harnessed effectively, teams can deliver disproportionate value by uniting stakeholders and setting the agenda and pace for growth.

Whether guiding a CEO transition or executing a strategic pivot, Heidrick & Struggles unlocks the power and potential of teams by pinpointing those areas that can provide the biggest shift in performance. Our time-tested acceleration method utilizes a 360-degree diagnostic tool to assess what is driving the team forward, as well as what is holding them back. Using a team coaching mindset, our customized approach helps clients adapt, design team composition and structure, and accelerate the journey that leads to big breakthroughs and focused, effective action.

What accelerating teams do better
“When leaders provide a clear direction and road map for their teams, their expectations of the future rise 1.7 times compared with those of teams without a clear direction. It has the effect of a self-fulfilling prophecy.”
Team Accelerator Questionnaire

Evaluate the factors helping or hindering the acceleration of your team's performance

The Team Accelerator Questionnaire (TAQ) is the most empirically robust assessment tool available for the measurement of team performance.

Identifying the type of team you need

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