Enabling a better-led world through coaching leaders and teams

For over six decades—longer than any other firm—we have helped successful organizations worldwide recruit, assess, and coach their most talented leaders. Our Coaching Services include both full and flexible engagements customized to your needs and employ technology-enabled tools and methods to ensure coaching leads to sustainable individual, team, and organizational improvement. In short, we can help ensure global enterprise leaders are more effective and future-ready tomorrow than they are today for everyone’s benefit.

Coaching at Heidrick & Struggles

Developing Key Leaders

With executives and emerging leaders facing unprecedented challenges, one-on-one coaching has become a must-have. Our coaches, many of whom have been C-Suite or functional leaders with many years of coaching experience, are proven thought partners who can support and challenge your leaders for the best outcomes. Leadership can be lonely, especially at the top—our coaching makes it less so while providing critical support and insight for the road ahead.

Upgrading Collaboration: Team Coaching

Our research suggests that when a team is aligned, trust-grounded, clear, and working well together, its KPIs are 23.5% above other teams. Our comprehensive, data-driven diagnostics about drive and drag factors enable you to benchmark your team versus top-performing teams globally and quickly zero in on the key strengths to build on and gaps to address to accelerate performance sustainably. Our significantly scaled practice in team coaching, incorporating expert team coaches—not just facilitators—work with teams globally, creating the right conditions to get your teams in that all-important top levels of KPI success, just where you want and need them to be.

Developing Future Leaders: Group Coaching

Group coaching is a cost-effective and targeted way to provide a broader cross-section of people access to coaching that’s rich and thought-provoking. It promotes sharing of insights and practices across business areas and the identification of systemic issues that impact multiple groups. It models and builds collaboration, a coaching mindset for managers and leaders, and a culture of mutual support and challenge, creating a safe place for experimentation, ideation, and innovation. Our group coaching services will create a multiplier effect for benefits to scale and understanding of challenges to address.

Developing People Leaders: Leader as Coach

The best leaders draw on different leadership styles for wide-ranging purposes and challenges. A critical part of their toolkit is the ability to coach others well—whether their people, clients, or other stakeholders.  Knowing when and how to coach, guide, mentor, listen, and teach is important and fundamental to leadership and organizational success. Yet the default approach for many leaders is to be directive, especially if they have no training in coaching. Coaching is learnable, and we can help to build and maximize this skill in those you entrust to lead teams of any size in your business.

Accrediting Future Coaches

A new form of leadership is required, one in which leaders inspire others to achieve the highest levels of performance and have the support of coaches to enable them to be at their best. We fundamentally believe coaching is key to successful leadership development. We also believe that educating tomorrow’s coaches is key to continuing our own optimization as a global provider of coaching services.  For these reasons, we’ve invested in making Heidrick & Struggles an ICF-accreditor of coaches. We offer certification through client organizations and three US universities and offer other programs around the world.  We have graduated over 1,300 coaches globally to date.

Developing future leaders

Treating your leadership pipeline as a strategic asset

Companies are at more risk than ever before of becoming net exporters of effective leaders for reasons ranging from unprecedented retention challenges to an inability to understand how to develop and retain the leaders they will need, as those needs change faster than ever.

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