Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
Accelerating performance by activating 100% of your talent

Demographic transformation is fundamentally changing global markets and talent pools. Yet, after years of investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion, companies around the world face an unforgiving litmus test by customers, competitors, markets, and employees. Many organizations are at a critical stage of needing to move from well-intentioned to highly intentional to move the needle quickly on the things that matter.

DEI initiatives alone can’t increase representation, change behaviors, or lead to real progress. As the industry’s authority on leadership and human capital, we take a business-focused, data-driven, and leader-led approach to helping clients ignite as a powerful force where DEI not only fosters positive change but also drives performance and growth.

Our Approach to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Our practice is built around three interconnected solutions designed to support diverse and inclusive organizations.
Accelerate Impact & Results

Using in-depth and innovative diagnostics, we help top teams understand where the real and perceived gaps exist in their organizations. Once leaders begin to understand the current state deeply, we help them define aspirations that truly make the difference. In partnership with our clients, we co-create a DEI strategy, roadmap, and communications that will activate an organization of followership on DEI. By actively engaging with your top team, we introduce concepts that help move away from fear on this topic to high confidence in how to communicate and embrace D&I as an accelerator of organizational, team, and individual performance.

Build Visible Representation

Our expertise across industries and functions, along with our unrivaled relationships with companies and candidates, makes us uniquely qualified to help clients tap both internal and external pipelines to attract, promote and develop the best talent.

Create an Inclusive Culture

Many organizations have attempted to move the needle with DEI training or unconscious bias training in the last two decades. Research shows that when DEI is done well it accelerates results, yet many organizations don’t invest time, energy, or resources to ensure it is a true business imperative. Many of these interventions simply don’t get you there fast enough. DEI is about culture change, and anything less than that is missing the mark, especially in the current competitive landscape for talent. Standing on the shoulders of Heidrick & Struggles’ culture shaping business of 40+ years, we help clients shift mindsets, build new behaviors, and drive deep insights that allow for inclusion to live in the day-to-day interactions of individuals and teams, while also building the fundamental building blocks of a sustainable inclusive culture.


Why a structured approach to DEI governance matters

Governance is vital for driving behavioral change at scale, and nowhere is it more important than in your DEI efforts. You can approach this challenge strategically and systematically. Having a top-down, bottom-up, and middle-out governance structure enables your organization to sustain its DEI efforts through improved data collection, a system of accountability for employees at all levels, valuable education and learning opportunities, and more feedback channels and efficient communications.

DEI Acceleration Brochure

As the industry’s authority on leadership and human capital, Heidrick & Struggles takes a business-focused, data-driven, and leader-led approach to help clients ignite as a powerful force where DEI not only fosters positive change but also drives performance growth. In our brochure, learn about our practice’s DEI methodology and perspective.


DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Playbook

Playbook for building a governance structure around DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) related initiatives

The Infinity Framework

Beyond insightful

Our Infinity Framework assesses leadership potential and identifies each candidate's leadership potential based on four key dimensions.

Getting to the DEI Vanguard

Meeting the inclusion imperative: How leaders can link diversity, inclusion, and accelerated performance

A recent survey shows companies that are more inclusive and treat their DEI efforts like a core strategic priority, often see a strong contribution to business results and have had higher revenue growth than others.


Inspiring Inclusion at dentsu

Explore how dentsu, one of the largest marketing and advertising agencies in the world, engaged their internal leadership and the full workforce to drive diversity, equity, and inclusion across their global business.

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