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Demographic transformation is fundamentally changing global markets and talent pools. Yet, after years of investment in diversity, equity, and inclusion, companies around the world face an unforgiving litmus test by customers, competitors, markets, and employees. Many organizations are at a critical stage of needing to move from well-intentioned to highly-intentional to move the needle quickly on the things that matter.

DE&I initiatives alone can’t increase representation, change behaviors, or lead to real progress. As the industry’s authority on leadership and human capital, we take a business-focused, data-driven, and leader-led approach to helping clients ignite as a powerful force where DE&I not only fosters positive change, but also drives performance and growth.

Our approach to DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion)
Our practice is anchored by three interconnected solutions to support diverse and inclusive organizations.
Achieve impact and results quickly

Using innovative and granular diagnostics, we help executives understand where gaps in reality and perception exist in their organizations. As leaders begin to gain a deeper understanding of their current situation, we help them form the will to effect real change. In partnership with our clients, we co-create D&I strategies, roadmaps, and communications to activate organizational followership of D&I. Then, by actively engaging with management, we introduce concepts to help them move beyond their fear of the subject and gain confidence in their communication and acceptance of D&I as an element that improves organizational, team, and individual performance.

Achieve tangible results

Our cross-industry and cross-profession expertise and unparalleled relationships with companies and candidates give us an unparalleled ability to leverage internal and external pipelines to help our clients acquire, promote, and train the best talent.

Creating an inclusive culture

Over the past two decades, many organizations have sought to make noticeable change through D&I training and unconscious bias training. While research shows that when D&I is effective, results also rise markedly, many organizations have not invested the time, energy, and resources to make D&I a real business supremacy. Many of these interventions genuinely lack speed; D&I is about changing a company's culture, and anything short of that will miss the mark, especially in today's tough competition for talent. Heidrick & Struggles has been shaping corporate cultures for more than 40 years, helping clients transform attitudes, build new behaviors, and gain deep insights so that inclusion comes to life in the daily interactions of individuals and teams, and the fundamental building blocks of a sustainable and inclusive corporate culture We help clients build the basic building blocks of a sustainable and inclusive corporate culture.


DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Playbook

Playbook for building a governance structure around DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) related initiatives

To qualify as a DEI Vanguard

The Supremacy of Inclusion: How Leaders Are Linking Diversity, Inclusion, and Achieving Performance Faster

Recent studies have shown that companies that focus on inclusion and treat D&I work as a core strategic priority tend to contribute more to business performance and have higher revenue growth rates than their peers.

International Women's Day

Where are the women CEOs?

The progress of women to the top role in the world’s largest publicly listed companies has been slow since the appointment of the first woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company, in 1963. After six decades, there are still only 6% around the world.

Customer Testimonials

Promoting inclusion at Dentsu

Learn how Dentsu, one of the world's largest marketing and advertising agencies, has promoted diversity, equity, and inclusion across its global business through the engagement of internal management and all employees.

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