Retail Direct to Consumer
Authentic leadership is the key to unlocking innovation and engagement

The transformation of retail is still unfolding. As consumer expectations drive disruption of entire categories by digital-only players, retailers are investing in tech-enabled tools and analytics throughout the enterprise to reinvent customer experiences across channels and touch points. Beyond the products and services they provide, brands must also demonstrate values around authenticity, sustainability, inclusion, and fairness to remain relevant with an increasingly discerning consumer marketplace.

Our practice is built to help companies adapt and grow during times of change by providing access to a deep pool of diverse talent across the breadth of consumer-facing sectors. Using a predictive and data-driven approach, we fortify organizations with agile leaders that have the strategic muscle to see around corners, along with the capacity to inspire and build lasting cultures.

Transforming Retail:
We’ve just been through tremendous acceleration, but we need to watch trends carefully because customer behaviors will keep evolving. We’re all going to find new ways to talk to customers, to reach them, and to remain relevant. Digital transformation is not a destination you arrive at, it’s a journey. We have to stay focused on listening.”
Executive, Fortune 100 Retailer