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Discovery Limited: Leading with purpose to drive health insurance innovation and better health outcomes

3/19/2019 Heidrick & Struggles

The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast explores the intersection of business, organizational culture, and talent in conversations with leading thinkers around the world.

In this podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Scott Snyder talks to Adrian Gore, CEO and founder of Discovery Limited, a multinational private health insurance company. Gore talks about how the company leads with an authentic business purpose—helping people live longer and healthier lives—to inspire and galvanize its people around innovation. He also shares how Discovery has cracked the code on spurring behavior change by embracing technology and behavioral economics and providing tools and incentives to its customers, ultimately making people healthier while enabling the company to achieve better financial results.

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Some questions answered in this episode include:

  • (01:08) What triggered you to found Discovery Limited and revolutionize the insurance sector?
  • (10:03) How did you effectively “crack the code” on encouraging your customers to change their health behaviors?
  • (12:36) How do you keep the mind-set and company culture of being a disruptor so your company doesn’t become complacent?
  • (15:37) What are some lessons from your own career journey for people who want to become innovators?
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