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How to navigate digital disruption in retail


The Heidrick & Struggles Leadership Podcast explores the intersection of business, organizational culture, and talent in conversations with leading thinkers around the world.

In this podcast, Heidrick & Struggles’ Jacques Amey talks to Alexis Nasard, CEO of Bata, the 124-year-old family-owned global footwear company. Nasard discusses how he is leading Bata through digital innovation and cultivating the mind-set of a start-up culture. He also discusses how the company stays nimble and adaptable amid fierce competition in retail and new emerging technologies in the sector.

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Some questions answered in this episode include:

  • (1:12) Why do you refer to Bata as a 124-year-old start-up, and how does its strong heritage coexist with its new business strategy?
  • (14:45) What does agility mean in your business?
  • (16:51) How are you attracting and retaining the right talent to turn the company into a lasting institution? 
  • (25:40) In your career, what have you learned about how best to incubate and support innovation?

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