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Accelerate Performance. We partner with organizations to deploy the most powerful lever they have for delivering results, faster: their people. Our experts in assessment, development, team and organizational effectiveness, and culture shaping work across practices and offices to share ideas to bring customized, practical, and often unexpected solutions to our clients’ most urgent challenges.

Challenge Business as Usual. Heidrick Consulting has pioneered many of the approaches to human capital that have reshaped global business. This pioneering spirit continues. Our breakthrough analytical tools use data and technology to bring science to the art of human capital development and organizational design. Our groundbreaking approach to culture shaping helps change attitudes to deliver measurable, lasting changes in performance. In everything we do, we challenge conventional thinking—and, often, our clients’ assumptions—to look beyond accepted norms to discover hidden truths and deeper insights.

Create the Future. With disruptors coming at every business from all sides, standing still is not an option. It’s disrupt … or be disrupted. We’re dedicated to ensuring that our clients have the leaders, teams, and organization they need to continually reinvent themselves to stay relevant—and thrive—in a world in which the ability to transform through talent is indispensable to capitalizing on the next great thing. As one united team, we acquire a deep understanding of the threats and opportunities our clients face and then bring together a customized configuration of tools, approaches, and experts needed to address them. The result: the great leaders, effective teams, and powerful, adaptive cultures that can accelerate performance, effect transformative change, and boldly create the future you envision.

The Performance Engine

The Performance Engine is a unique and immersive experience designed to dramatically shift the mindsets of long-tenured employees and give them the skills they need to positively disrupt the status quo.

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How organizations can transform with agility

Accelerating Performance provides a playbook for CEOs and senior executives seeking to drive transformation in an ever-changing world.

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What is Your Acceleration Quotient?

The Acceleration Quotient self-assessment tool allows users to quickly gauge their organization’s level of acceleration in four critical areas: strategy, the organization, teams, and individual leaders. The interactive tool allows you to see where your organization stands in comparison with leading companies’ ability to mobilize, execute, and transform with agility.

This survey is based on our more comprehensive assessment tools:

The assessment tool will help you:

Determine what is the level of acceleration in your strategy, organizations, teams, or individual leaders

Gain an understanding of the reasons for your level of acceleration

Consider what you can do to fill the gap

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