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A transforming market requires a view of leadership that looks beyond the obvious

Never before have the convergence of multiple experiences been as widespread and as valued by consumers. To promote interactions, foster loyalty, and drive value, hospitality organizations must decipher the patterns of change occurring within their market, and then harness the opportunities to collaborate, innovate, and ultimately stay relevant.

Our team of experts across global industry sectors and functions provides companies access to leaders with the credentials, traits, and perspectives to build relevancy with customers and impact in the organization. By taking full advantage of untapped talent pools across both executive and board positions, we help clients connect the dots and see beyond the predictable to uncover unique candidates capable of making an impact and inspiring positive change.

Recruitment journey:
Only after Heidrick & Struggles took us on a comprehensive and broad ‘talent journey’ were we able to put all the pieces together and weigh the best decision. A lot of the candidates had some terrific strengths, but none were, of course, perfect. There was clearly no way we could have made our decision without your help.”
Founder, online travel and lifestyle company
On-Demand Webinar

Travel, Leisure & Hospitality: What are the Shared Opportunities for Impact?

Join an exclusive panel of hospitality industry veterans for an insightful discussion on how leaders in travel, leisure and hospitality today are looking at diversity and inclusion, sustainability and talent after COVID-19, and the opportunities this collectively presents for the industry.

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