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Culture Signature™

Being able to anticipate how a new CEO or executive team member will influence and impact a culture is a strong differentiator in this highly competitive market for talent.

Making it less of a guessing game by using data-based insights is what Culture Signature™ is all about.

The Culture Signature™ process is perfectly architected to quickly capture and visualize a ‘culture health’ profile for an organization’s top leadership team. Then, the data is analyzed to provide actionable insights that help the team culture grow even healthier. Culture Signature™ plays a critical part in assessing leaders or candidates being considered for a role, providing insights to anticipate how they will impact an existing team’s culture when they join.

Also available, Board Signature™

Board Signature™ captures a unique cultural view of a board of directors that can inform an analysis of its dynamics and, through the use of comparative analysis, assess the cultural impact of adding new members.

Board Signature™ has the same capabilities and outputs as Culture Signature™, with the language relevant for boards. Learn more below.

Lead the way with Culture Signature™

Do you have a clear view of your leadership culture and its potential effect on your C-suite in the year ahead? Watch a video below to find out how we can help bring your view into focus.
Introducing Culture Signature™
3-minute overview
Culture Signature™ is Heidrick & Struggles' distinctive tool that takes a close look at the culture of executive leadership teams and how cultural elements can influence success.

Purpose of Culture Signature™
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Zero in on the value of Culture Signature™.

Lead The Way
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Culture Signature™ Toolkit

Heidrick & Struggles consultants can access the Lead the Way toolkit on Heidrick Gateway by clicking the button below while in a Heidrick & Struggles office or logged in to the VPN.



Board Signature™
Board Signature™ captures a unique cultural view of a board of directors that can inform an analysis of its dynamics. Plus, Board Signature™ uses comparative analysis to assess cultural implications of each potential new member.
What is Board Signature™

Board Signature™ is an on-line survey that board members complete in just 20-25 minutes in order to create a more nuanced view of the group’s current cultural health. This profile can be paired with candidates’ assessment results to examine the potential impact of newcomers on the existing culture including how they may help shape the future culture.

What it measures
  • Board members’ views of their collective culture.
  • The cultural make-up of a board, providing indications of health across eight essential culture dimensions.
  • The leadership and cultural attributes that individuals self-identify as having contributed to their success.
Distinctive qualities
  • Supports a selection process with data driven insights.
  • Measures cultural characteristics of the board “inside” and the candidates “outside” an organization.
  • Indicates areas of alignment between the existing board and the candidate’s style, plus where the newcomer might influence a desired shift in culture.
  • Generates behavioral interview questions based on the individual’s results to help more thoroughly vet candidates.
  • Supports placed individuals by informing the onboarding process.
  • Leverages Heidrick & Struggles’ distinctive culture shaping expertise in conjunction with its proprietary Leadership Signature® assessment.
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