Important Notice: Employment and Recruitment Scams

It is becoming common that recruitment scam messages are sent to potential candidates and job seekers across various messaging and job site platforms, e.g., WhatsApp, LinkedIn, etc. The recruitment process can be challenging, and recruitment impersonators make it even more so. It is important to exercise heightened vigilance and protect yourself against these widespread fraudulent recruitment scams.

We ask that candidates be aware of scams that target job seekers. The fraudulent emails and messages are typically job opportunities designed with malicious intent to entice you to take an action that grants the sender access to your personal or financial information.

Here are ways to look out for to avoid a scam:

  • You were not expecting the message and/or it comes from a sender you do not recognize, e.g., did the email come from a Gmail or Yahoo account?
  • It requests personal information (CV or resume) or involves you paying for the service.
  • Job opportunities that have unrealistic or “too good to be true” compensation, benefits, and perks.
  • Job opportunities that do not match the type of services Heidrick & Struggles customarily provides.
  • Message contains links or attachments – do not click or open!

Ways to protect yourself:

  • Do not engage with or respond to the suspicious sender’s request.
  • Be suspicious of any sender you do not know and any unsolicited emails or text messages.
  • Do not send your personal information to someone you do not know.
  • Block and report the sender to the platform provider, e.g., LinkedIn or WhatsApp. 

At Heidrick & Struggles, we conduct employment and recruitment procedures in a professional and verifiable manner. We will never ask you for money. If you are contacted via text by someone claiming to be a Heidrick & Struggles representative or on our behalf, and the nature of the message appears suspicious, we strongly recommend immediately blocking the sender’s contact details. We encourage the prompt reporting of suspicious or phishing-oriented message to your platform provider. You can also report these scams to us at